We have a simple message to convey. We are an ambassador to a wide variety of cuisines in modern, international times. Dubai is fast establishing itself as a hub in the Middle East, with a multicultural diversity incomparable to anywhere in the world. We at Al Dahleez Services embrace this multiculturalism, which is solidly reflected in all that we offer. Our restaurants are individual, but their traits are the same: high quality Arab and International cuisine, with an unbeatable service, catering to the needs of an ever-changing society, time after time.

It’s not a crystal ball that we use to look into the future, but if one thing is for sure, it’s that our brand has propelled itself into the times ahead, making history on its way. Constantly looking to the future, we believe the time is right to take our unique, established brand to the rest of the Gulf region, where it is sure to be welcomed with open arms.

We hire friendly people who do give high quality service full heartedly. We hire friendly people that do provide high quality service full heartedly.

As we’re sure you will agree, Al Dahleez Services is the number-one choice for all who visit the Emirate, whether UAE national or expatriate, we welcome our diverse range of customers with open arms.

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